Things to know before Moving To Kingman Az [2023]

Looking to make a move? Consider Kingman, AZ, a city with a population of 28,068 and a total population of over 50,000 when nearby communities are included.

With its pleasant winters, natural beauty, and abundance of recreational activities, Kingman offers a small-town feel with big-town amenities.

Plus, did you know that the city has over 60 buildings on the National Historic Register?

Discover more about what Kingman has to offer in this article about moving to Kingman, AZ.

Key Takeaways

  • Kingman, Arizona is internationally renowned for its natural beauty, pleasant winters, recreational activities, and cultural opportunities.
  • The city offers a temperate climate, clean air, and friendly people, making it a desirable place to live.
  • Kingman is located in northwestern Arizona and serves as a regional trade and service center for a market area of over 200,000 people.
  • The city has a population of 28,068 (2010 census), but with nearby communities, the total population reaches over 50,000.


If you’re considering moving to Kingman, AZ, you’ll be interested to know that the racial composition of the city is predominantly White, with a significant Native American population as well. According to the demographics, around 84.7% of the population is White, while 2.33% is Native American. The city also has a diverse population, with 1.91% Black or African American, 1.47% Asian, and 3.44% belonging to other races. Additionally, there is a small percentage of individuals who identify as being of two or more races.

It’s important to note that Kingman is a welcoming and inclusive community, with a population of over 35,000 people. So if you’re considering moving to Kingman, you’ll be joining a diverse and vibrant city.

Cost of Living

To understand the cost of living in Kingman, you’ll want to consider factors such as housing costs, transportation expenses, healthcare costs, child care expenses, and food expenditures.

The median home value in Kingman is $138,800, which is lower than the national median of $204,900. Renting is also an option, with 35.40% of homes being occupied by renters.

Transportation costs are relatively low, with an average commute time of 15.9 minutes and an annual transportation cost of $10,438 for a single person.

Health care costs in Kingman are slightly higher than the national average, with an average annual cost of $6,185.

Child care expenses can add up, with an average annual cost of $14,896 for two children.

Food expenditures in Kingman are in line with the national average, with an average annual expenditure of $3,090 for a single adult and $8,925 for a family of four.

Crime Rate

Consider the crime rate in Kingman, AZ, as it may impact your decision to live in the area. Here are some important points to keep in mind:

  1. Crime rate higher than national average: Kingman has a crime rate that is 67% higher than the national average. This means that the likelihood of becoming a victim of crime is higher compared to other cities in the United States.
  2. Violent crimes slightly higher: While violent crimes in Kingman are only 2% higher than the national average, it is still a factor to consider when evaluating the safety of the area.
  3. Northwest part considered safest: Residents of Kingman generally consider the northwest part of the city to be the safest. Your chances of being a victim of crime in this area may be as low as 1 in 34.
  4. Decreasing crime rate: It is worth noting that crime in Kingman has been decreasing year over year, with a 17% decrease in recent years. This trend suggests that efforts are being made to improve the safety of the area.

When deciding on whether to move to Kingman, AZ, it is important to weigh the crime rate against other factors such as the natural beauty, amenities, and affordable housing options the city has to offer.


When considering the decision to live in Kingman, you’ll be pleased to know that the city’s economy offers promising opportunities for growth and development.

According to Best Places and Data USA, Kingman has seen job market growth and is predicted to have future job growth higher than the national average. The population of Kingman has also been steadily increasing, which is attracting newcomers to the area.

Kingman’s strategic location, with its airport, railroad, and I-40, make it a growing entity for now and into the future. Additionally, Kingman has the largest industrial park in Northern Arizona, which further contributes to its economic vitality.

With these factors in mind, it’s clear that Kingman offers a favorable economic environment for individuals and businesses alike.


The education system in Kingman, AZ provides opportunities for students to attend top-rated schools and receive a quality education. According to my sources, some of the top-rated schools in Kingman, AZ are Kingman Academy Of Learning – Intermediate School, Manzanita Elementary School, and Kingman Academy Of Learning – Middle School 12. These schools have achieved high rankings based on various measures, including academic performance and equity. Students attending these schools can expect a supportive learning environment and access to resources that will help them succeed academically. With top-rated public schools available, families moving to Kingman can feel confident that their children will receive a quality education.

School Name Ranking
Kingman Academy Of Learning – Intermediate 5/10
Manzanita Elementary School 5/10
Kingman Academy Of Learning – Middle School 12 5/10


If you’re in need of healthcare services, you’ll be pleased to know that Kingman, AZ offers top-rated hospitals and medical centers.

Kingman Regional Medical Center (KRMC) is ranked among the top five hospitals in the state for safety, with a high performing rating in adult procedures and conditions. This recognition highlights their efforts in protecting patients from errors, injuries, accidents, and infections.

In addition to KRMC, there are other healthcare centers in Kingman, such as North Country HealthCare, that provide comprehensive care for the entire family. These medical facilities offer primary care services, skilled in diagnosing and treating various health conditions, and coordinate your healthcare with other specialists as needed.

You can trust that your healthcare needs will be met with excellence in Kingman, AZ.

  • Kingman Regional Medical Center (KRMC) is ranked among the top five hospitals in the state for safety.
  • North Country HealthCare offers comprehensive care for the entire family.
  • These healthcare centers provide primary care services and coordinate with other medical specialists as needed.

Housing Market

The housing market in Kingman, AZ is ranked highly for its quality and affordability, making it a desirable place to buy a house. According to sources, the median rent for a 1-bedroom apartment is $883, which is a 2% decrease compared to the previous year. The average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment is $1,147, and for a 3-bedroom apartment, it is $1,367.

In terms of home values, the most affordable neighborhoods in Kingman, AZ have median values ranging from $129,000 to $135,000. On the other hand, the best neighborhoods have median home values ranging from $750,000 to $1,330,000.

The housing market in Kingman, AZ is ranked #1 out of 10 in Arizona for its quality and affordability. It is also ranked #5 out of 10 in Arizona for its amenities and quality of life for retirees.

Job Market

With a diverse range of industries and high demand for jobs, Kingman, AZ offers opportunities for various occupations. The unemployment rate in Kingman is currently at 3.30%, lower than the long term average of 6.56%.

Some of the major employers in the area include companies in manufacturing, distribution, and aviation industries. For example, American Woodmark Corp. manufactures cabinets, Laron Incorporated is a machine shop, and Cantex Inc. manufactures pipes.

There are many jobs in high demand in Kingman, such as Crushing Plant Foreman, Regional Operations Manager, Supervisor for Group Home, and more. The most common job groups in Kingman are Office & Administrative Support Occupations, Sales & Related Occupations, and Management Occupations.

Some of the highest paying jobs in the area include Orthopedic Surgeon, Pulmonary Physician, and Cardiologist.

With a thriving job market, Kingman is a great place to find employment opportunities.

Public Transportation

To navigate Kingman without a car, you can rely on public transportation options such as KART buses and ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft.

Kingman Area Regional Transit (KART) provides public transportation in the area with four routes operating Monday through Friday and two routes operating on Saturdays. However, there is no service available on Sundays or City of Kingman observed holidays.

If you prefer a more convenient and flexible option, you can use ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft, which are available in Kingman. The estimated cost of an UberX ride in Kingman is $13.10, while Lyft is slightly cheaper at $12.67. Both services have minimum fares of $6.75 for Uber and $3.90 for Lyft.

So whether you need to get around town or travel to nearby cities, there are transportation options available to help you navigate Kingman without a car.

Tax Rates

The retail sales tax rate in Kingman, AZ is 8.1%, including a State rate of 5.6% and a City rate of 2.5%. Moving to Kingman means you’ll need to be aware of the tax rates in the area. Here are five important things to know about taxes in Kingman:

  • The City of Kingman provides up-to-date tax information on its website, so you can easily access the details you need.
  • The restaurant and bar tax rate is 9.1%, with the City receiving 3.5% and dedicating 1% to street repairs and maintenance.
  • Property tax is collected by Mohave County, with the median property tax being $916 per year for a home worth the median value of $170,600.
  • On average, Mohave County collects 0.54% of a property’s assessed fair market value as property tax.
  • You can visit the City’s Finance Page on their website for more information on taxes in Kingman.

Weather and Climate

Don’t forget to check the weather and climate in Kingman, AZ before making any plans.

Kingman has a hot desert climate with scorching summers, where the average high temperature in July reaches 98°F. The winters, on the other hand, are mild with an average high temperature of 57°F in January.

You’ll want to pack accordingly with lightweight, breathable clothes for the summer and some layers for the cooler winter months. While it rarely snows in Kingman, with an average snowfall of 0 inches, you should still be prepared for chilly temperatures, especially at night, as the average low temperature in December drops to 31°F.

So, whether you’re exploring the stunning natural beauty or enjoying outdoor activities, it’s important to be ready for the weather conditions in Kingman.

Pros and cons

When considering living in Kingman, Arizona, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons. Kingman offers a moderate climate with freezing temperatures in winter and hot summers reaching up to 105F. The cost of living is affordable, with lower housing prices compared to big cities. However, access to amenities like Costco requires a short drive to Bullhead City, and shopping options in Kingman are limited. On the positive side, Kingman is centrally located for outdoor activities, with the Colorado River just 40 minutes away for water activities and easily accessible hiking trails. The community in Kingman is known for being giving and supportive, and the scenic beauty and rich history add to the appeal. However, there are concerns about the education system, drug issues, and high crime rates in the area. Furthermore, some residents feel that there are limited activities for families and children.

Bars and Restaurants

Explore the vibrant bar scene and diverse dining options in Kingman, Arizona. You can indulge in a wide variety of cuisines and enjoy craft cocktails at local bars.

With over 60 restaurants and diners available, you’ll find options for all types of cravings. From international cuisines to local specialties and regional dishes, there’s something for everyone. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and allergy-friendly menus are also available, ensuring that dietary preferences are catered to.

Whether you’re looking for a fine dining experience with gourmet dishes and extensive wine selections, or a casual dining spot for affordable comfort food favorites, Kingman has it all.

Don’t miss out on the unique dining concepts in the city. There are quirky themed restaurants, fusion cuisines, interactive dining experiences, and food trucks to explore.

And when it comes to nightlife, Kingman offers a vibrant bar scene. You can enjoy craft cocktails, live music, and sports bars for watching games.

Things to do

There are plenty of activities and attractions in Kingman, Arizona, to keep visitors entertained and engaged. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or an adventure seeker, Kingman has something for everyone.

Here are some must-visit places and experiences in Kingman:

  • Start your exploration at the Historic Powerhouse, which houses the Kingman Visitor Center, Arizona Route 66 Museum, and Route 66 Electric Vehicle Museum. Get your bearings at the Visitor Center and Gift Shop, then dive into the fascinating history of Route 66 at the museum.
  • Take a stroll along the Historic Downtown Kingman Walking Trail and discover the town’s rich heritage through its historic buildings and landmarks.
  • Visit the Bonelli House Museum to get a glimpse of life in Kingman during the early 1900s. The museum showcases the Bonelli family’s beautifully restored home and provides insight into the town’s past.
  • Don’t miss the Kingman Locomotive Park and Railroad Station Museum, where you can explore vintage locomotives and learn about Kingman’s railroad history.

With its unique attractions and diverse experiences, Kingman promises a memorable visit for all.

Best neighborhoods

Now that you’ve explored the various activities and attractions in Kingman, let’s delve into the best neighborhoods this city has to offer.

When it comes to finding the perfect place to call home, Kingman has a range of options to suit your preferences. The neighborhood rankings and home values map provides valuable insights into the desirability factors and neighborhood disparity in the area.

The east parts of the city are highly sought after, offering desirable living conditions and higher home values. On the other hand, the southwest regions provide more affordable housing options. With median house prices in Kingman significantly lower than the national and state averages, you’ll find that this city offers a cost-effective housing solution.

Keep reading to discover the specific neighborhoods that stand out in terms of quality of life and market demand.


In conclusion, moving to Kingman, AZ is a fantastic decision!

With its natural beauty, pleasant winters, and abundance of recreational activities, you’ll never be bored.

The city’s affordable housing, low crime rate, and small-town feel with big-town amenities make it the perfect place to settle down.

Plus, with over 60 buildings on the National Historic Register, Kingman has a rich history that adds to its charm.

So, don’t hesitate – pack your bags and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime in Kingman, where dreams come true!

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